Windows 10 is now a years old operating system and most of you probably use it, and thinks they know it quite good, the OS and all the included tools. But maybe you don't know how to activate a special tools panel, this panel has been called 'god mode'.

Some of you know probaby that options and parameters of the system are reachable from 2 different places: Parameters and Control Panel.

The first is more user oriented when the second is more technicians and admin oriented.

'God Mode' to control everything on Windows 10

Yes, but there is a third way : the God Mode. This last one is a panel with more than 240 parameters.

It allows you to fine tune your screen or your printers, but also to put the hand on the appearance of the cursor or the sensitivity of the stylus.

Not everyone will have use of such a panel of tools, but it's great to know it exist. The funniestis that you don't need to dig into the windows register database to activate it.

It's even very easy, everybody is able to access this panel.

Start by positioning the cursor on an empty place on the desktop. Then make a right click and find the option: 'New', then 'folder'. Windws will then create a new directory and ask you to name it. Give it this name :


Press then 'Enter' on your keyboard to validate the name. The folder icon will then change and become a tools panel called 'GodMode'. Double click on it to access all the options.

Windows 10 will then open a new window with left column, that let you filter the showed tools with a lot of options. As said previously, this panel has 240 options, too much to list them all here, but you can dig into it and see what is available.

But be careful, try to kee p track of all the change your are doing to be able to rollback if necessary.

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