A Brother TN-247BK Toner Reset will restart the printer’s toner detection and reset the page counter. The Brother TN-247BK toner fits into many Brother printers and can be reset by yourself in a few simple steps .

When should I reset the Brother TN-247BK toner?

After every toner change, the Brother laser printer should actually recognize the new toner and automatically reset the page counter. Sometimes the toner LED on the printer starts to flash even though the toner is not empty. This can happen, for example, with compatible toner cartridges (these often have higher amounts of toner powder). A manual Brother TN-247BK toner reset on the printer can quickly solve the problem and restart the toner detection.

Brother TN-247BK toner reset for Brother printers with touchscreen

To reset your Brother machine for manual toner detection (Toner Reset), please proceed as follows:

  1. Turn on the printer and open the front door
  2. Press the “Back” and “X” buttons simultaneously (only briefly tap)
  3. Then press the “Back” button again
  4. The display now shows the reset menu
  5. If not, start again at 1.
  6. Choose your cartridge
  7. Confirm with “Yes”
  8. Follow the steps for each cartridge that you want to reset
  9. Close the cover
  10. The message “Accepted” appears
  11. You can continue printing as before

You have successfully reset the Brother TN-247BK toner or compatible toner.

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